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Tutorial: Crochet Ponytail

Tutorial/Review: Donmily Hair

Tutorial:Ombré Braids

REVIEW:New Born Free MLU17

Got2B vs Got2B

Got2B vs Gorilla Snot

Brown Sugar BS202 Lace Front Wig Review

Super Jacky Lace Front Wig Review

My 84" Braids

Valentine Hair

Everyday Hair Routine (starts @ 3:48)

Sponsored: Model Model Oval Part Wig

Tutorial: Sleek Low Ponytail

Sponsored: Final Update|Eye For Beauty Hair

A photo posted by Kissyface454 (@kissyfvce) on

Welcome to the final update....
As I've said, the hair is from www.eyeforbeautyhair.com and is their Malaysian Straight in lengths 14" 16" & 18". I cut and ombré the hair into a deep purple. There is little to no shedding and is extremely soft even after bleaching. The colors I used were Adore Platinum which acted more as a toner and then Adore Eggplant which is the darker purple that the line carries... read more 

Sponsored: Eye For Beauty Hair Unboxing

This video is for sure a dedicated video. Let's just get that out of the way from now.
This company contacted me a while back and wanted me to do a series of videos for them, the forst being this, an un-boxing video of their Malaysian Straight virgin hair in lengths 14"-16"-18". They also threw in a shirt for me which they usually give to their $300 and over shoppers. read more

Braid Out on 4c Texlaxed Hair

The final video in the Summer Hair Series, is a "natural hair" tutorial.

There was some commotion in the comment section under the video on YouTube that my hair is relaxed and blah blah blah blah... but my hair, just like many, is texlaxed. A texlax differs from a relaxer in the fact that while I do use a relaxer, (regular strength Profectiv Mega Growth), I wash out the chemical right after application. So it is only in my hair long enough to soften my new growth without it being bone straight. Now the ends of my hair are ... read more

Summer 1st Date Hair|Makeup|Outfit

Continuing the Summer Hair Series, I added makeup and an outfit, for you first daters out there. I had a lot of fun creating this look! Matter of fact, I'll let you in on a little secret, styling videos, are my fave! read more

How To: Sexy Beach Waves

For the Summer, we hope, I'll be uploading different hairstyles for you to try this season. The first look is the easiest and it is Super Sexy Beach Waves. The only tools you'll need are a paddle brush and a large curling wand. read more

Sponsored: Best Hair EVER After a Relaxer

Hair Styling Beginner Musthaves 

If you want to start styling your own hair, this is the video you are looking for. The following items are the must haves for hair styling, for achieving the look that you want everyday! Get your notepad out and begin taking notes. read more

Sponsored: 15min Weave!?!?!

If you're subscribed to me on YouTube you would have seen that for the past three Wednesdays I've been talking about this hair from 360 Weft. The hair recently became available on Sam's Beauty and is surprisingly affordable for the versatility and quality of the hair. The company is developing more textures that will be available in the future, but for right now your options are a Yaki texture, which resembles blown out relaxed hair in synthetic, and a silkier texture in 100% human hair. With this hair, I'm able to get the flexibility, volume and length I desire. read more

How To:Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron

Sponsored: Crochet Braid Wig

Sponsored: Super Easy Gray Hair

Ad: Kalllea Indian Hair Review

This video was sponsored by Kalllea.com.
For 10 % off your entire order, use promo code KISSYFACE454

Sponsored:All About My Crochet Hair

Prom Hair: 3 Looks in 1

In this video I demo how to achieve 3 super easy styles for Prom! The promo code as mentioned for Irresistible Me is - IrresistibleLori just click HERE to shop. I also mentioned that MY online store is having a Prom Hair Sale, just click HERE, or the tab above that says "Shop" (look up). read more

Ad: Want to get Long Hair Quickly?

Does your love want to see you in long hair on that special day? Are you thinking about how you will get long hair in a short interval? No need to worry about it! This blog is for you! There is solution to every problem in this smart era. Have you ever heard about hair extensions? It is just a marvelous answer to your tensions in the shape of questions. You can increase the length as well as the volume of your hair in a very short span of time. read more

My Blue/Green Pastel Peruvian Hair

I have a video on all the details at the end of this post so let's just cover the basics.
What you'll need
  1. BW2
  2. 40 Volume Developer
  3. Non-Metallic mixing bowl
  4. Brush
  5. Gloves
  6. Foil Paper
  7. A LOT OF CONDITIONER ..... read more

Press Event: The 3rd Annual Got Talent Hair Show

(left PR Maven D.Marie Blanche; right Bijoux rep./photographer)

This weekend was one of my busiest ever! *note to self;get business cards printed NOW* This past Saturday I attended the "Got Talent Hair Show". If you are unaware of what this event is, it is one of the biggest hair shows in South Florida. If you are unaware of what a hair show is, it is where creative hairstylist let the their imagination run wild showcasing their talent. This was an amazing event from beginning to end. It was held at Revolution Live, Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. There were amazing sponsors including Bijoux Hair Company (which I have done a review on CLICK HERE) read more

L'Oreal Feria Wild Ombré on my Peruvian Hair

Last week I told you all that I was going to do a soft ombre on my hair using this kit. Well, last night I did just that. I am EXTREMELY happy with the results and I definitely recommend this product if you're a novice at coloring hair. I purchased the kit at my local Walmart Super Center for $10.94. I was a bit hesitant after seeing the price but I went ahead with it any way. In the box you'll get... read more

My FavoriteHair Trends for 2013

In the summer the ombre took over the world! Now with the cooler months vastly approaching its time to ditch that bright yellow highlight and get a little deeper and warmer for a softer ombre. Here's what world-reknowned hair colorist Marco Pelusi recommends;
  • Blondes – Adding a touch of deeper golden lowlights are a grand idea, to create a buttery blonde and add richness and depth to that old bright summer blonde. read more

Profectiv Hair Care Line Review

I started out with the shampoo and conditioner 
(obviously). The shampoo made my scalp tingle. I could literally feel my pours opening up and drinking it all in. Following up with the conditioner, which I left on for ten minutes with a shower cap. My hair isn't COMPLETELY relaxed but more so tex-laxed and this conditioner definitely de-tangled all my little naps. read more

MTV Casting Call: Are You ReadyFor The Big Chop

Have you ever considered how much fun it could be for you or someone you know to appear on a reality show about going natural? MTV’s True Life is looking for such a person, so lower your reality TV guard just a bit and think about it! read more

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