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Scarf Season? In Spring?

Fendi, Fendirama Foulard; $290

Covid 19 has brought forth the birth of something we didn't expect to see for a while. And no, I'm not talking about the fact that I'm writing actual coherent thoughts for the first time in a long time on this platform, but the birth of Scarf Season, in the middle of Spring.

While a scarf may be a staple for some, whether it be for personal, fashionable, or religious purposes, We're now being seen it used during this pandemic to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. While scarves do not offer the same protection as an N95 respirator, the latter will have to suffice. Especially when you have to make your 4th trip to the grocery store for the week because you ran out of your quarantine snacks.

Tightly woven natural materials such as silk and cotton are preferable to man-made fabrics like nylon and polyester, which hold germs longer. The CDC recommends wearing any homemade or non-PPE option with a face shield that covers the nose and mouth, when that isn’t an option multiple layer like a bandana, kerchief, or a shawl, can serve as a buffer for the wearer and anyone who comes in contact with them. All options should be appropriately secured using ties or ear loops and be easy to launder. 

Below are my favorite options for the "season": 

Hermes, Brides De Nalo Scarf; $100

Coach, Prairie Floral Silk Diamond; $75 $7.50

All Saints, Evolution Silk Square Scarf; $90

J.Crew, Silk Square Scarf in Leopard and Floral Print; $49.50 $28

Versace, Baroque Silk Print Scarf; $275

Fendi, Fendirama Foulard: $290


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