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Victor Cruz x Pierre Hardy

Pierre Hardy, pioneer of luxury sneakers, dropped a new limited-edition men’s sneaker design made in collaboration with fashion influencer, TV personality and Super Bowl winning football phenom Victor Cruz. 

The model named V.C.I is available in three different color-ways, representing three pivotal years in the athlete’s life and career : V.C.I 1996, V.C.I 2006 and V.C.I 2012.

1996, the year Cruz fell in love with football. V.C.I 1996 shows a mix-and-matched hybridization of color-blocks and camouflage, along with a gold-foil stamp of the year.

2006, the year Cruz played his first varsity season with the University of Massachusetts Minutemen; V.C.I 2006 depicts a black-and-grey scheme (with “2006” typed out in a different format, this time in a digital-clock mimicking font).
2012, the year Cruz was part of the starting lineup for the New York Giants’ SuperBowl XLVI win over the New England Patriots. V.C.I 2012 represents the New York Giants’ unmistakable colors : red and blue against a clean white background.

“We started from taking a pre-existing construction of a shoe in my collection, and then we emphasized it by making it stronger in appearance. The look became something performative or Olympian — a super-competitive shoe. We tried to push the aesthetic to the maximum, to make the sneakers as expressive as possible.” says Pierre Hardy.

“With Pierre, we captured an array of styles from when I was younger, through my college years, up until this decade. These were all landmark years in my life, and Pierre dove right in. The shoes are symbolic, and together, they tell a story.” adds Victor Cruz.

Shoe Price: $795
Source: pierrehardy.com

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