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Chris Brown - High End - ft. Future & Young Thug - OFFICIAL VIDEO (review)

Chris Brown dropped the visuals for his single "High End" on Friday the 13th, from his awaited 45 track album "Heartbreak on a Full Moon" set to be released on October 31st.

The video itself is very CB, in the sense that it mimics a lot of his personal artwork. The vibe seems thriller inspired and doesn't relay well with the lyrics of the song.
The only parts where you see "high end" are in the beginning with Future, where he is seen wearing Balenciaga and being driven around in a Rolls Royce, and in the end where Young Thug is showing off his diamonds and the celebrity features begin to appear.

The beat sound pretty much like everything that is out right now. Very catchy, something that you'll definitely hear at a party or to pre-game to. 
In the beginning of the video there is a disclaimer letting us, the viewers, know that nothing seen in the imagery is to be taken as occult belief but instead, art. 

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