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New Music - Solange - Cranes In The Sky & Don't Touch My Hair (OFFICIAL VIDEOS)

The official music videos for “Don’t Touch My Hair,” featuring the ever-so talented Sampha, and “Cranes in the Sky,” both directed by Solange and her husband, Alan Ferguson. Both visuals are nothing short of the musician’s unrivaled reputation for aesthetically pleasing imagery. From the first few seconds of each video to the fade out, it’s more than obvious that Solange poured every inch of her being into this project. A Seat at the Table is a musical representation of the spirit within an unapologetically Black woman who is not interested in remaining silent in a critical time of identity, empowerment, grief, healing and self-expression – let alone, artistic expression. Watch as both women and men of color liberate themselves through costumes and choreography, as well as moods conveyed via flawless scenery and set design all by way of a glass of wine, personified, that is Solange Knowles.

View the official music videos below and don’t hesitate to grab your pre-order for your physical copy of the album, available November 18th, or vinyl, available December 9th!

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