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A.R.T. Live Recap

On Sunday, June 26th, we attended one of the more cultural events of the season. It was packed with Dancers, Artists, Singers and Designers alike. And if you follow us on Instagram or Snapchat, you would have seen some of the snap shots from the night.

The event started off very timely, which I loved. We were seated front row which gave us not only the best view in the house for all the performers and designers but also the VIP experience. With the food, the footage we got and the people we were able to meet, the only thing that would have made this better, is bigger seats. But this was one of the best media experiences, we've had in a while.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the three designers who graced the stage.


More Than A Mannequin

Fab Amoré was literally bred for fashion. She is a former model and currently a stylist and creative director for More Than A Mannequin which she launched in 2014. Swim wear designer is the next notch in her belt as she begins to take over South Florida.

The Rarest Diamond

Natasha Ford is a self made women's wear designer who is not afraid to take risks with her designs. She is a lover of bold prints, colors and bringing out the femininity of a woman. She hand picks and custom makes every piece from her collections, two of which are named after her son, Christian.

Forever Dyoge

Markquis Kordale is a lover of the arts. Trained as a professional dancer, fashion came to him as a natural next step. It wasn't something that was planned by him, but planned for him. He is more of a men's wear designer, but has, and is unafraid, to branch off  and cater to women as well. 

The night ended amazingly, Lola Chel, who was the creator, co-ordinator, and host, was dope on the mic and at making us feel welcomed. We look forward to another one and all the greatness that will come from it. 

A Reason To Live - A.R.T Live


Tyrie Fluellen 


Markquis Kordale

FIU Diverse Dancers
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Twisted Fuzion
Le Nubian Dance Inc
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Walter Wordsworth:
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Goose and Gander:
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Hunter's Desserts:
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Beauty Schools of America:
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