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Lemonade Break Down

It took me an entire week to process this entire album. I don't think I can go into the visual details of the video so I just inserted some of my favorites throughout. This album hit a lot closer to home than I expected. I felt every single emotion. Sandcastles, Freedom and All Night Long had me in tears! I did not expect such an outpouring of emotion. Listening to the album is one thing, but to really FEEL it, you have to watch the video. And I didn't watch it until after I wrote the breakdown of the lyrics.

As I was writing I questioned if I should really make this post because to me it was just all hyped up by the beehive, and if I did this for Lemonade, I should do it for Anti. But after watching the video, and I tried really hard to include it in here (d*mn copyrights), I was like there is no way I couldn't make this post.

This entire album took you through all the phases that we ALL go through when it comes to love and infidelity, unless you haven't gone through it, then congrats to you. The poetry, not heard on the album - another reason to watch the video-, and film adaptation was all by Warsan Shire. She is a Somali-British writer, poet, editor and teacher. All her words were read by Beyoncé in between each song. Her words were so powerful, they made you really stop and listen and try to analyze what was really being said.


Pray You Catch Me

She suspects the dishonesty, he hides it very well.
She is listening and watching the signs and hopes that he notices that she is doing this.
The song brings you to a point where you catch yourself doing this.


Hold Up

She starts the song with the chorus, letting him know that no one will ever love him the way that she does.
Here she is definitely convinced that something is going on.
She doesn't know where she went wrong because she thought she was doing everything right.
She now begins to question if it's because of his stature why he's acting the way he is, if he didn't have the fame would these girls still want him. And regardless of all of that, she would still be with him because they were meant to be.


Don't Hurt Yourself ft. Jack White

In this song she confirms that he has cheated.
She is letting him know that she can walk away if she chooses and wouldn't need a dime from him because she has her own.
She lets him know that she is the one who holds him up comparing herself to Malcom X and that he'll never find anyone like her ever.
In Jack White's chorus he lets (him) know that they are one person, whatever he does is a reflection of (her).
She lets him know that she is the baddest and that maybe he can't handle her.



At this point she is going through her grief by going out with her girls and giving no f*** about him or his feelings.
She's not at all sorry for the actions she's taking and is having fun while doing it.
He's the one who when confronted with his lies is calling her, crying, apologetic.
She begins to regret marrying him in the first place.
She's tired of his lies after he spends another night out late.
She leaves to go be with her girls, drinking the night away.
She'd die before he sees her cry for him.
She reminds us that they will be okay, he just needs to grow up.
She sees the girls who sneak out at night and when he tries to reach out to her, he tells him to call one of the other girls "Becky with the good hair".


6 Inch ft. The Weeknd

This is the feminist track I've been waiting for.
She is talking about making her money and stacking it.
Having her champagne and henny whenever she feels like it.
She's already made enough money but she won't ever stop.
She walks into a room and breaks necks, she works hard for her money.
She grinds 7 days a week but doesn't crave material possessions.


Daddy Lessons

The track begins talking about how her dad pretty much made her into a tomboy. Riding motorcycles, playing blackjack, being tough.
He wants her to know that he should be wary of men who will want to break her heart, and if that happens she should fight.


Love Drought

She knows that he is lying to her but she also knows that he is trying to make the relationship work.
She then begins to question if she wasn't who she was if he would still be interested.
Maybe she doesn't show him enough affection.
She knows that they are a power couple and can do so much in the world, so getting through this "love drought" shouldn't be a problem.
She's torn, she's fighting her emotions and coming to the realization that she is just human.
She questions again if she is doing something wrong.


Sand Castles

They had dreams/goals that washed away.
She said she was going to leave him but something keeps pulling her back and she can't figure out what it is.
His heart is broken from her leaving, but him showing his hurt will make her stay.


Forward ft Jack White

The title of the song is literally what this track is about.
Moving forward with the relationship, together.
Working through their issues, together.


Freedom ft Kendrick Lamar

This is the pro black song that I was looking forward to hearing.
She questions the "freedom" that we are supposed to have.
She chooses to break the "chains" that hold her back because she doesn't see anyone else breaking them.
She will forever march as she has been a supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement since it started.
Kendrick opens his verse saying prayer and meditation gets him through.
On one end they are telling him that he is going backwards while on the other end they are shooting us down. He keeps running because he knows he is more than what society portrays him as.
He asks his mother not cry for him, but instead to pray for him, to believe in him, to sing his praises and lift him up. Which is a nod to us black women, to lift up our black men.


All Night

This song shows us that she will always be there for him no matter what happens.
When he's broken or at his lowest, he will always have her.
She wants him to know that it is going to take some time to fully trust him again but she will always love him.
Their love is stronger than anything out there and she will never walk away from that love.


The first thing she dispels are the illuminati rumors.
She likes to show off for the paprazzi by always dressing amazingly.
She shows that she is the main b**** by wearing his ROC necklaces.
She lets us know that she is happy with her baby's hair and her & her husband's nose despite what critics think.
While she is very cultured and makes so much money, she will always be a country girl.
Hot sauce in her bag could be one or both of these things. Literally hot sauce, it's a southern thing, or the bat that she was carrying around in the visual for Hold Up.
Whatever it is that she wants, she makes a way to get it.
She shows her sexual dominance and role reversal by taking him to Red Lobster, taking him on a flight in her chopper and then dropping him off at the mall to buy shoes after a "job well done"
She has so much power, she can get his songs on the radio and make him into the next Bill Gates.

This has to be one of the best if not thee best album she has put out. It is so personal and emotional, and the visuals that were paired with each song just made it even more worth it. Not even to mention the features she had on the tracks; Jack White from the White Stripes, James Blake, The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar. Plus the celebrities that she got to be in the video; Serena Williams, Amandla Stenberg, Winnie Harlow, Zendaya, Michaela Deprince, Jay Z, Blue Ivy, as well as both Travon Martin's and Michael Brown's mothers.

There is so much more that I know I am not mentioning but when you watch the video you will understand exactly what it is I tried to say here.

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