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Fabolous Clothing Line

In October 2015, Fabolous launched his clothing website, Blood's Thicker. The line is very casual and nothing like Kanye West's.
While there isn't anything much directed to the female audience, for the guys, & girls who like to rock guys clothing, they have a lot to feel for in this collection.

The prices are mid range to high end especially if you shop the Villa Exclusive Jersey Collection.

Based on the the items currently on the website, you can tell that the rapper is really behind the brand and is pushing to make it something great.

I don’t care how poor you are, if you have FAMILY.. You are rich. I welcome you to the online launch of my Official Merchandise Line “BLOOD’S THICKER”.. I welcome you to THE FAMILY.. We are related thru this bond which shall never be broken or questioned.. Shop at www.bloodsthicker.com #BloodsThicker #TheFamily– Fabolous

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