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Met Gala/Ball 2015 Best Dressed List

If you follow us on Instagram (look to your right) you would've seen that we were all over the Met last night with all the more intimate pics of our favorite celbs. (no we weren't actually there, but it sure did feel like it) The theme for this year was China: Through The  Looking Glass, and we were not at all disappointed! What a lot of people failed to grasp is that the Met is not like the Grammy's, The BET Awards, or even The Oscars! The Met is where celebs are encouraged to let the creativity shine through! Now with all this being said, lets get into the faves.

Cassie and Diddy

Janelle Monae

Justin Bieber

Kerry Washington

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Lady Gaga

Naomi Campbell


Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen

Selena Gomez


There were a LOT of pretty dresses on the red carpet this year so we decided to make the picks based on who was more in theme and looked amazing doing so.
Did your favorite make the list?
Sound off below!


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