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Networking Expo 2015

This past Saturday, we were invited to be the guest blogger at this year's Networking Expo hosted by Social Success Networking Events and Miami Networks. We were also contracted to do the makeup for the owner of Social Success Networking Events as well. The expo was a showcase for small business within the south Florida community and also an amazing way for them to network not only with each other but with members of the community, local celebrities, and bloggers like myself.

The event kicked off and the turnout was amazing. I ran into a lot of familiar faces and had the pleasure of meeting some new ones. All the vendors were eager and ready to talk about their business with such pride. All the booths were gorgeous and were an excellent representation of the businesses themselves.

I do want to point out though that I was treated a little bit shy of royalty at the event and I LOVED IT! I was being offered drinks and food at every turn and being gifted swag from a couple of the vendors. On a personal level I had an amazing time. We purchased "Dear Black Twitter" written and published by Jasmine Fur as well as some super yummy cupcakes from Irresistible Delights.

In the video below you'll meet the vendors and business owners that we got a chance to talk to.
Other Vendors/Sponsors included

How many times did I say "Dope" and "Awesome" though?

Here are the time stamps for each Vendor
:08 - Voguish Booth -
1:33 - R&D Self Dense -
3:12 - It Works - Manuela Olivares and Charlotte Cartaya -
5:07 - Dazzle Her Now -
6:15 - Jasmine Furr -
7:31 - True Beach Girl -
8:32 - Karatbars -
11:32 - Irresistible Delights -
12:15 - Sq Rootz Clothing -
15:15 - Purete H2O -
16:49 - Brass & Sassy -
18:17 - Cakes by Jaymi -
18:50 - Letler Fit -
19:40 - Frat Nation -
21:30 - JenStyles Hair -
24:48 - Jazzy Catering Services & MKI Embassy -
26:31 - Sweeties Jewelry Box -
27:36 - Mahogany Rose -
29:44 - Social Success Networking Event -
and Miami Networks -

Make sure you come out to the next event so I can get you on camera! 

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