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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Hey bunnies so its that time of year again where we try to show our significant other how much we love them by buying them hundreds of dollars worth of bad candy, over sized bears, over priced roses and dinner at an over crowded restaurant.

Now if this doesn't sound like you, you're on the right blog. I'll share my top three gift ideas for him, for her, and for yourself.

For Her
If the classics are your thing, candy-roses-dinner then let me suggest something more authentic. Skip CVS and head straight to Godiva. A personal favorite is the Milk Lover's Gift Set. After you've gotten your candy pick up a dozen long stem roses in her favorite color. If she's like me and her favorite colors include black, white, brown and grey, pick up either classic red or white. Now for dinner, skip the restaurant and head down to the beach! Set up a table place setting for two and eat under the stars and candle light. To make this one easy, and to also take it a step further, book a hotel room and ask the concierge if they can help you do this. After you eat make your way back to the hotel to enjoy the rest of the night alone.

For Him
Men are usually the only ones who go all out for Valentine's Day but we're are not your average women. We make our own money, take care of ourselves and keep up appearances like our lives depended on it. So why wouldn't we want to get something for the man in our life. The one thing that never fails for men is cologne. They can't have too much of it and believe it or not, most men do want to smell good all the time. What you'll need to do is see wht he doesn't already have o get him the newest thing out right now. The first thing that comes to mind is either something classic like L'Eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake or something trendy like Rouge Man by Rihanna. Another great gift is jewelry. And by jewelry I mean a watch or bracelet (if that's his style) and to take it a step further, have it engraved. Now depending on the type of guy he is, or the type of watches he already has, will determine what to get him. That ranges between Sport Watches (eg. G-Shoch), Tech Watches (eg.1:Face) Bracelet Watches or Strapped Watches. My last gift idea is for the drinking man. Whether he's a cognac man, a vodka man, a tequila man or a rummer, there is a gift set out there for him. Now to make it not so "gift basket-y" skip the nuts and chocolates and everything that usually comes in a gift basket and instead put together his favorite bottle alongside two personalized glasses with his initials. Or, just get his favorite bottle engraved. An engraved flask or decanter set would be perfect as well.

For You
Shopping for yourself should be easy as pie. If you're a girl reading this treat yourself to a pair of Christian Louboutin's. Can't afford it? That's where I come in, Everything Fetch Carries two pairs that are a dead ringer for So Kate and Impera called Katie and Black Swan. If you're a guy reading this get yourself a watch! You can refer to my watch suggestions above or go with one of my favorites, the Movado "Bold"

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
Sound off below!


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