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Remove Black Heads & Get Glowing Skin!

For the past few days I've been seeing the same post on my Instagram and Facebook feeds about using a lemon and honey to remove blackheads. I decided to try it and bring the results to you. I didn't see a drastic change nut my skin does feel cleaner, I could see some redness while the mixture was on my face as well as feel the sting from the acid in the lemon.

The first thing I did was get a lemon and cut it in half only using one half of it. I then poured the honey on the exposed side of the lemon and began to rub my face.

Let it sit on your face for 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water. I always pat dry with a paper towel. I followed up with my favorite night time moisturizer and that was that.

Again I didn't see a drastic change but I'm sure if you do this about once or twice a week, you'll get the results you're looking for.

Have you tried this on your face or even armpits before?
Sound off below.


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