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Fashion Paparazzi 2014

Last night was this year's 4th annual Fashion Paparazzi! The show was hosted by Safiya Shoetique, Young Mike LP and Co-Hosted by Peta Gaye Judz. The event was held at The Polish American Club, where the ceilings dripped in crystal chandeliers. There was an open bar all night for everyone who purchased a wrist band in which the proceeds went to benefit Fort Lauderdale Women's Shelters and Suicide Prevention. The night opened up with a tribute for domestic violence followed by an amazing praise dance by Ava Robertson.
Mike (left) in Zara Safiya(middle) in JB Couture Judz(right) in JChel Inc.

The first designer of the night to showcase was JChel Inc. The collection had an oriental vibe. The colors used were very vibrant and the pieces were one of a kind to say in the least. 

The designer

The next showcase was from a local Makeup Artist, Fancy Faces Productions, who showed us how to pull off bold lips and peachy cheeks this holiday season, as well as a couple tips on makeup hygiene.

The MUA (right)

Next up was The Kay Cox Way. Kay Cox is a model trainer and runway coach. She showcased a few basics of what she does in her classes with a few of the models that she has been working with for over 5 years. Kay Cox is also one of Safiya Shoetique's models and is their official model trainer, scout and runway coach.

Miss Kaye Cox

The next collection was Loyola Creations. The designer, who is also a model, is Tatianna Gotti aka TT Gotti. Her collection was very fun and playful with a mixture of her fun prints and colorful tu-tus. 

The designer

One of the models, Joudy Skillz, who is an AMAZING dancer, performed a dance routine which she choreographed along side three other dancers including another model, and a fan favorite, Jasmine D'Bois.

Joudy Skillz (center w/red flannel shirt)

Jasmine D'Bois (left)

The next designer, who came with her own cheer team, was House of Lovillionaires. This collection was more eclectic, casual and probably the most comfortable to slip on and head out the door in.

The designer(right)

I had three favorite designers last night. This designer, was number one! The name of the collection is GThree Concepts. Let me try to set the scene, lights were dimmed, music was a sort of medieval contemporary, the procession of the models was slow and steady, the dresses were nothing shy of intricate. This designer flew in from Texas and is one to remember.

The designer (right)

Safiya is a well known woman of God and she puts him first in everything she does. With that she has pushed forward and created a line of t-shirts with positive affirmations as well as bible verses from the book of Psalms(a personal favorite of mine) written on the front. 

Safiya Started an online campaign on Facebook inspired by the top 100 lists in Hollywood. She called it The Most Beautiful People in South Florida. Last night she honored the few who were nominated and were able to come out. My awesome friend, Marie, from Models & Moguls Media Group, who is also the person ho wrote my bio, was one of the recipients.


This designer was my second favorite for the night. JB Couture. She specializes in ball gowns, cocktail dresses, versatile dresses(for lack of a better word) and wedding dresses! I wrote her down as my future wedding dress designer. 

I NEED this dress in my life

The designer (right)

The final designer for the night, Signature K by Kizzy Klean, was my third favorite. She flew down from New York to grace the stage with her designs. The use of neoprene fabrics and pop art colors made this colection so refreshing and reminiscent of Summer.

The designer(right)

There was another Makeup Artist, Nosworthy Creations, who showcased her work as well as a Nail Technitian/Artsit Sasha Nailz. Both bodies of work presented last night really spoke for themselves as each model came out. 

Nosworthy Creations

Saha Nailz


To close the show, like all her other shows, was Safiya, who showcased her Fall 2014 collection for both men and women, which can all be found in her flagship store or online at

Despite the fact that the show started late, it was Safiya's best show to date and I am honored to have been a part of the media team. 


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