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Three Ways To wear Your Boyfriend Jeans on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is coming up and the only thing that is on my mind is "What am I going to wear?". Now if you're also facing the predicament the following post might be able to help. Here are three ways you can wear your boyfriend jeans this Thanksgiving.

1. Pop Of Color!
Yes I know its fall and we should be draped in browns and plums and the such but wouldn't it be fun to leave all the rules behind and dress like a bubblegum? I vote yes! I also voted for Pedro and Vodka so maybe my vote doesn't count.

Color On Thanksgiving?

Jimmy Choo leather pumps

Brown top

Everything Fetch

Spring-Summer 2014

2. Trendy!

If you're the type of girl who keeps up with the trends then this look is no stranger to you. This look features pieces to keep you warm and still show skin at the same time.

Trendy for Thanksgiving?


Black boots
$51 - fashionunion.com

Fil├╣ Hats black hat
$930 - farfetch.com

Everything Fetch

Everything Fetch

3. Layers!
Now this look is the most traditional of them all. And is probably what you wore last year but looked so awesome you might just bust out a similar look this year. Feel free to switch out the plaid shirt for a solid and the sweater for a print. Make it as funky as you are. Everything in this look is a closet essential and should be easy to find in any store or even your own closet.

Layers for thanksgiving?

Grey long sleeve sweater
$24 - newlook.com

Michael Kors brown shoulder bag
$380 - monnierfreres.co.uk

Everything Fetch

I hope this helped you girls this year!Just a few things you guys should know;

1. This post was sponsored by the amazing guys over at The Watch Buyers Group.
2. Please do not steal my collages, at least without asking, I worked hard on them.
3. Tag @TheFourFiveFour on Instagram in your Thanksgiving outfit.


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