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Birthday Wishlist 2014

Its the first day of August Bunnies! Know what that means? ITS 27 MORE DAYS TILL MY 25TH BIRTHDAY! YAAY!!! And with everything that I'm doing and trying to undertake all I really want for my birthday is just chill and open presents. I don't want to go any where, do anything, the most would probably be the weekend away at a nice hotel, just me and him and PRESENTS. Food and PRESENTS!

So just in case I didn't make it clear that I really want PRESENTS, let me spell it out for you...

1. As most of you know I am a freelance extensionist. If you are unfamiliar as to what an extensioist is, in basic terms, it is some one who installs hair extensions. I curently lug around my tools and products in two sepertae containers, one being one of my really big purses, the other being a 99cent caddy from Walmart. The rest of my tools don't have a home and are left out because the are so cumbersome. The following gift will store everything perfectly and make travel so much easier.

2. The next big ticket item is for my makeup. I am also a Freelance MUA and I get called out to do multiple faces at a time. I'm also carrying my tools and products in two seperate containers. Again in one of my large purses and the smaller items in a small makeup case I got from either Target or Walmart. The following item will store everything and look more professional on set. And as my collection grows I wont NEED another train case.

3. Setting powedrs are a big part in what makes or breaksa look. I do have powders but they don't work for the majority of the faces that I do. The following products are raved about by Pro MUAs around the globe.

4. GIFT CARDS! Everything else that I really need are really small items that I would prefer to walk in to the store and pick up myself. 

And that's literally IT! Ive been making wish list for how many years now? I don't think its ever been this small or even geared towards my advancement in my businesses. 
Looking forward to the emails asking where to send my gifts ^_^ 

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