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Fabuless Styling On A Budget Recap

Hey Bunnies!

As you all know, this past Sunday, July 20th I attended The Fabuless Styling On A Budget Event hosted by The Styling Firm. They had everything from drinks and cocktails to shopping, styling and makeup tutorials. It was a very small group of people who attended which made it very intimate and easy to network. There were several vendors including

RB Creations

Jai Simone Boutique
Nubian Hair Oasis

Jolie Bloom

V For Vadge

First Lady Brooches

The evening started out with Mary And Katie of Twin Vogue. 
Mary's in Polka Dot and Katie is in Floral ;)

Here are there 10 commandments of shopping on budget
1.Know your budget
2.Do your research
3.Be a mindful
4.Find out your favorite stores' cycle
5.Shop at the end of the season
6.Go shopping on a Thursday
7.Don't forget to sign up for an email list
8.Don't be afraid of the thrift store
9.Be careful of who you make your shopping buddy
10.Go to the back of the store

Next we had cocktails from Thirsty Creations and a tutorial on how to revamp and re-use the pieces in our closet that we've ignored by lead designer of Be Unapologetic. 

After we learnt how to mix prints from mixologist Melissa  from Harware Clutches by Mel C.

Here are her tips on mastering the basics of print mixing
1.Repeat Colors
2.Pick prints varying in size
3.Consider stripes a neutral
4.Mix two kinds of animal print
5.Accessorize with prints
6.Have confidence

After an amazing makeup talk through with Face Tyme we had the lady of the night (no pun intended) give us a full list of closet essentials.

The essential pieces she lists are 
a.)Must Be Versalite
b.)Should BeClassic
c.)Should Be Black

1.LBD (Little Black Dress)
2.Black Blazer
3.Crisp White Button Down Shirt
4.Black Trousers
5.Knee Length Black Skirt
6.Black Leather Hand Bag
7.Quality Dark Blue Jeans
8.A Pair Of Black Pumps
9.Cardigan Sweater
10.Khaki Pants
11.Metallic Clutch
12.Fine Jewelry
13.Cocktail Dress
14.Patterned Scarf
16.Leather Jacket

All in all it was a fabulous night! Down to the food, which was served in cocktail glasses! Here are some candids and pics of the presenters. I hope I see you at the next Fabuless event.

The Vendors
First Lady Brooches (786-213-0525)

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