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Top 5 Awesome Father's Day Gifts

Happy Father's Day! The one time of year dad's get more recognition than moms. In this post I'll list five AMAZING gifts that will have your dad bragging to all his other dad friends.

1. A Grilling Set! Perfect for "Dads who cook". I was trying to find one from Kitchen Aid only because my boyfriend(who is also a dad who cooks) is in LOVE with anything Kitchen Aid. Unfortunately they only make grills and rotisserie sets. But Cuisinart, a very good company makes a gorgeous grilling set that will make your dad the envy of the bar-b-que. And at a great price too.

2. Cologne! And not just any cologne, Calvin Klein Cologne. A classic scent. Loved by all. The wonderful people at Macy's have a great offer going as well, buy a large bottle of any CK men's fragrance you get an awesome duffel bag.

3. Now to remix the traditional "give dad a tie" gift, get him a very fashionable tie set from The Tie Bar. You can get a bow tie + pocket square, bow tie + cuff links, a box of ties, a box of pocket squares or a box of tie bars.

4. For the tech-y dad, get him the new beats by dre head phones! Apple makes them look SO freaking awesome.

Beats By Dre Solo2 On-Ear Headphones

5. This gift is for the healthy dads or the ones trying to get on the healthy train. The nutribullet is a house hold name on its own. 

What are you getting for the dads in your life?
I'm sending my dad & grandpa musical cards signed by my kids. Fun right?

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