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Why I Didn't Go To Best Of The Best...

As you all know, this past Sunday was the 8th Annual Best Of The Best Concert, which literally has the BEST of the best performers every year. Now the day before the event, I had a hotel party planned for one of my really good friends and ended up falling into a coma-like sleep the next day. I received the email on when and where to pick up my press passes but was completely out of it and slept past the time I was supposed to be there.

So now since I'm unable to give you footage from the concert, enjoy some pics of me enjoying myself the day before I lapsed.

The next day was Memorial Day, the day where America recognizes its militants who gave their lives defending their country. Its also the second most barbecued on day in the country. It was beat out by 4th of July. Another historical day that is now known for its fireworks displays and pool parties.

What did you do this weekend?
Sound off below.


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