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Top 5 Awesome Gifts For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Sunday, you should not be reading this because your gift should have already been bought! BUT because I know how many awesome procrastinators there are out there let's begin.

  1. An awesome jewelry box. Acrylic boxes are very popular right now if you're mom is under 30. Over that age I recommend a leather or mirrored box. Here's an example of one from The Treasure Box
  2. A gorgeous watch! Again depending on the age or your mother's stye feel free to choose between a bracelet or strapped band. Here is an amazing one from Kate Spade
  3. Perfume is the one gift that is universally acceptable anytime of the year for whatever gift giving reason. Dior's J'adore gift set is perfection. 
  4. Because there are SO many good books out there and so few places to keep them, why not get her a Kindle Fire HD? Pre-loaded with a few of her favorites. 
  5. And lastly, if all else fails, and none of these will suffice, get her a beautiful card and slip a $100.00 gift card into it. Just make sure you sign the card. And write something sweet.

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