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Professional MUA For Prom?

Prom is one of the most anticipated events in your child's life. The one night where she and her friends get to dress up and be glamorous. In order to achieve the full package, the perfect look, hiring an MUA will save you and your daughter the time and trouble of purchasing and applying the makeup yourself. And if neither of you are accustomed to doing a more elegant kind of look this is where your MUA would come in handy. 

Your MUA will charge based on her years of experience, she'll decide whether to give you a special discounted price or increase the price based  on the type of makeup she'll be doing. Your makeup artist will listen to you and should be able to fulfill your needs. Whether you're going for princess, old Hollywood, or a glam-a-ratzi! Whatever look you want to re-create your MUA will do that for you. Feel free to even take a picture with you as a reference/example of the look you want to achieve, because the last thing we want is for your MUA to put in all that work and you go home and wash it off because it wasn't what you expected.

Now if you're located in the South Florida area and are looking for an MUA, I'm your girl. 
I charge $40 for full face make-up including lashes (they don't have to be dramatic and will NOT tear out your natural lashes) and lipgloss for touchups throughout the night. 
If you come in a group of three or more girls, it's $30 per girl. Including lashes, lipgloss for touch ups and a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Your girls will feel like the VIP they are. 

For bookings please click the hash tag above #GlammedByTheFourFiveFour
I also offer hair services!


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