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Give Your Pumpum A Break!

Over the weekend I met an interesting young lady. She had a baby 7 months ago, and is currently FIVE, MONTHS, PREGNANT! Listen, I am the last person to judge anyone or what they decide to do with their life, all I want to say is that after you give birth you need to give your vagina a break! Child birth is  A LOT to go through. On average your baby is about 8 lbs at birth, your vagina hole is stretched to capacity, it needs time to relax and bounce back. Don't just wait until you've stopped bleeding to start having sex again. Unprotected sex at that! Treat your vagina with more respect!

This same principle applies to having sex right after your period. Give your vagina a 24 hr break! It just went through a traumatic five days. Respect your vagina, give it at least a day to breathe!

Now, unless you have the oldest profession in the world and are a lady of the night, you do not need to sleep with multiple men in the same night. If you want to have a polygamous relationship and have multiple boyfriends that's your prerogative, but please respect your vagina, give your vagina a break!

Its heavily debated on whether the vagina is the most powerful object in the world. And whether it is or isn't, the fact that it stirs up so much drama and conflict shows how powerful it is. Show your vagina respect. Raise your little girls and boys as queens and kings who respect females and their vagina. Take care of your vagina. Clean it daily, pay attention to its odors and discharge, don't be afraid to talk to your gynecologist. Give your pum pum a break!


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