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Get married NOW!

"Stop Idolizing boyfriends"
"A man has done nothing for you until he has made you his wife"
"Stop giving boyfriends the benefits of a husband".

I've been trying to follow all these rules and guidelines that I'm told I should follow. I've put it in my head that if certain things aren't happening in my relationship I should stop one thing and do the next. Why do there have to be any rules at all? Why can't I just be in love and let love shower me with all its glory? Why can't we just be happy together with just being with each other? Why can't I take care of him the way I want to without expecting the promise of a ring in return. Why can't I just let him continue to love me and take care of me the way he has been doing for so long now? Why do I have to try to change a good thing for a promise that may or may not come true?

Ladies, if you love your man, continue to love him. Don't let these internet relationship gurus tell you how your relationship is supposed to go. If YOU are having a problem in YOUR relationship, go and talk to YOUR man. Communication is the most important thing between the two of you. You need to be able to express yourself clearly to one another.

As far as the ring thing goes, when a man wants to marry you, he'll let you know. Enjoy the moments you're sharing NOW. Live in the NOW! Stop making yourself miserable focusing on what could be instead of what is. If you want to get married, let him know. If you're fine taking care of him then take care of him. The only recommendation I want to give on this is, if you think he's taking advantage of you, don't stand for that!

Love the life you have. Give thanks and enjoy every single one of your blessings. Life is too short to be following rules on how to live your life.


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