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What I Wore: Rip The Runway 2014

This year's Rip The Runway was an all white theme which you can get full info from my previous post. I was a featured MUA and got to work with four of the models and one of the hosts for the event. The night was very long since I was there from 2:00pm to 11:00pm on my feet for half the time. I wanted to be in "theme" and stuck to an all white look. Even though I didn't have to, but where's the fun in that? The night before I grabed a yard and a half of white cotton/jersey material and made a high waist, high split, maxi skirt, and took the rest of the fabric to make a top. I honestly can't describe how I did it, so hopefully the pictures will help.

On my feet I wore flat sandals because I went with the intentions to work, I knew I was going to be on my feet, and as comfortable as I am in high heels it would've done a toll on my body by the end of the night. I like to think my look was more that of a Grecian Goddess *insert conceited smile here*. My necklace wa from a local boutique.


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