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Sway Chic! Get With It!

First things FIRST! Let me put out there I am an affiliate for this company! MEANING, whenever you click a link LIKE THIS or LIKE THIS and you make a purchase, I get paid!

Now that the air is clear, let me sell you on why you should AT LEAST click the links, LIKE THIS ONE HERE! If you are a sucker for 90's fashion, which is making its way back on the hipster scene, you'll love this site. If you want to stand out, be a little vintage, and a little trendy at the same time, you'll love this site. Please note that the apparel and accessories are not for the faint at heart.

If  you're not sure where to start they masterfully created EIGHT look books to help you out.

And if that's not enough, these are a few of my favorite things 
Sway Chic Favorites

If none of this enticed you, you must be dead! 
What do you think of their pieces?
Sound off below.
xoxo Kissyface.

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