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Are You a Single Wife? - @SingleWivesClub

Last month I came across this society of women called the Single Wives. I was instantly curious to know who they were and what they were about. I Google-d them instantly and followed them on Instagram shortly after.

The Single Wives Club is an organization of/for single(unmarried) women who are preparing themselves for the right man/husband.
"We're single women preparing to become wives. Empowering single ladies to become better women before becoming wives.
This is a paid membership where you will get full access to different seminars and events. You'll be trained on cooking finances and etiquette as well as self empowerment.

I've only seen one other blog post about the Single Wives Club and it wasn't the most positive read you'll come across. (HERE) While the author does make sense, I think this is a great place for women who were never raised in a home where these very essential values were taught. The founder (Koereyelle) was probably in her shower and thought to herself "I should share my knowledge and experiences with other single women like myself. I should create an organization where we single women can come together and empower each other, encourage each other teach each other to be better women for the right man." From what I've gathered, its not about going out to catch a man, its bettering yourself to welcome the RIGHT man when he comes around.

It is EXTREMELY important to first love yourself before you can open your heart to someone else. It's also important to know how to carry yourself in a ladylike manner. Cooking. cleaning and basic finance skills are something that are essential in your everyday life, and should not only be done for a man but for yourself. Live your life as positively as possible. Be thankful every morning. Count your blessings. Every single "cliche" thing you can think of, do that. Because that is the true secret to a successful life, relationship,marriage.

I am NOT a member of the Single Wives Club.
What are your views on The Single Wives Club?
Are you a member?
Sound off below

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