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What To Do For Valentine's Day 2014

With Valentines Day only, what, two weeks away? Here are a couple tips for if you are single or in a relationship beyond the flowers *which are still acceptable in my book* candy and giant teddy bear.


QUICKLY make reservations at your favorite restaurant for you and your other single friends. Have an amazing night out with all the bells and whistles. Get dressed up all nice and fancy. Order a bottle for the table. Spend the night in good company laughing, chatting, eating, drinking, everything! Feel free to skip the flowers and candy and over-sized teddy bear.

a) If you're on a budget, the same concept as above applies, but instead of going out, have a fabulous sit down dinner at your house. Or whichever friend has the nicer set up. Have all your friends bring a dish, a bottle or two of wine, candles, music and have a great night in.


At this point you're either a boyfriend without a clue or so far into the relationship that you've given out all you can think of. So here are my suggestions. Skip the busy over priced restaurants... unless she tells you specifically that that's what she wants!

For Her
CucinaPro 1475 Classic Heart Waffler
Price: $69.37
Where to buy:
Romantic Gesture: Present it as breakfast in bed.

If you've been doing the sexy lingerie thing every year, skip it. I think they're catching on to us. Up your game a little. Invest in a stripper pole. Take some exotic dance classes (they're popping up everywhere) and do a sexy dance for him. Yes you can incorporate the sexy lingerie here, just don't run out and buy new ones. How many do you already have from all the other Valentine's Day? I'm sure he doesn't remember them all. At the most, find out what color he likes to see you in.

For Him
What it is: A professional pole dancing kit
Why you'll want it: This might not be for everyone, but dancing sexily for your partner can certainly get you both in the mood and provide you with an evening activity. This kit advertises itself as being very easy to put together and take back apart.
Find it here.

Tell me what you plan to do for V-Day! 

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