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What To Wear For NYE

New Year's Eve is all about the sparkle! The glitz the glam, after Christmas this is my favorite day/night of the year. Everybody's happiest around this time so what's not to love.

Now that you've narrowed down what you'll be doing that night, let's get into your outfit options.

NYE Black & Gold

This is the only time (other than your birthday of course) where you're allowed to wear all the glitter and shimmer your heart desires. Gold is my go-to color for the New Year! And of course my staple, black.


Silver, Gold, Black & Champagne NYE

Champagne and silver ^_^ yes-ness! I really don't need to explain the reasoning behind these looks. The both scream "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Velvet and Gold NYE Men's

This last look is for the boys! Surprisingly enough this is what I picture my future husband wearing on our wedding day. Am I crazy for that? Nope, didn't think so. LOL. With this blue velvet dinner jacket you are guaranteed to steal the scene, or at least pop up on somebody's best dressed list. With the jacket being the focus you want to keep all the other pieces toned down. I paired the look with gold accessories because like I said, it's NYE!

Now that you guys and gals have your options laid out, PLEASE tell me what you wore in the comment section below.


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