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Holiday Appreciation Giveaway

Hey Bunnies!

I will be hosting my very first giveaway since my "100 Subscribers Giveaway" last year. This contest will have something for BOTH boys and girls this time.

For you girls, courtesy of my fabulous friends at Glamour Kisses Jewelry Boutique and from The Four Five Four

1. A Red Leather I.D Necklace

2. Red Leather Chain Hoops

3. Any one of my three t-shirt designs (in your size of course)

And for the boys, you'll win any one of the expressive t-shirts from The FuckHers

Now the rules are SUPER simple. All you have to do is subscribe to my mailing list. Scroll to the bottom of this post and fill out the form. The Contest will run for TWO WEEKS, December 1st to December 15th. And That's it. Winner will be contacted on the 16th and prizes sent out as soon as they respond. Interested in winning these amazing prizes? SUBSCRIBE NOW! 

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