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Get more support as a blogger!

This was a suggested topic from Trixie! Another beauty blogger over at On Beauty Avenue. Now what she originally suggested I talk about is the lack of support bloggers get in the black community. And that would be extremely easy to do, but instead of dishing on the negative, I'm going to tell you, based on what I've gone through, how to actually GET support as a blogger.

Now the first thing you need to know is that when you first start out NO ONE knows you. The people who will read and share your posts are your personal friends. These are the people you NEED to share your posts to their friends and their friends and so on and so forth. Then again, you'll begin to realize, over time, that your biggest supporters, the people who will scream your name when you walk into a store, are complete strangers. They will be your biggest cheerleaders. Because 90% of your friends wont understand what your doing or why you're doing it.

Social media is your BEST friend! Create profiles and keep them active! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ are the most popular ones.

Try to attend as many events in your field as possible. Even events you have to pay to get into. Get your name out there. Create business cards! Your blog is your company. your blog is you. Brand yourself well and the support will follow.

Try to create a schedule and stick to it. I try to make my blog posts and you tube videos come one after the other. Sunday video, Monday blog, Tuesday video, Wednesday blog, Thursday video and Friday blog. It does take a toll but I love it.

Getting support is not easy. But when its starts to come in, you'll realize it happens right when you're giving it your all. Hard work does not go unnoticed.

If you have a blog, leave it in the comment section for me and my readers to check it out.


  1. I've been blogging for about 5 years and started my fashion/beauty blog over the summer. I agree with this post - social media, events, scheduling, business cards - all super important! Black bloggers tend to get less support in general - from our own community as well as the blogging community as a whole - that's unfortunately the way it is, though I hope that things will change over time.

    For me personally, I strive to be the best blogger I can be and I try to remain positive that things will fall in line from there. I do my best at the things that I CAN control - my presentation, the quality of my content, etc. I've learned over time to take advantage of the education out there and execute it flawlessly. From layouts, to your niche, SEO, media kit - I'm constantly keeping up with what's new and the latest strategies. There are millions of blogs out there so not everyone will "make it" - but I'm all about getting in front of people, selling your brand (and yourself), in addition to seeking opportunities as opposed to waiting on them!

    I could take about blogging all day - I'm gonna go before this turns into a novel :)

    1. I so agree with you! I always have a tab open on IFB so I can learn more about the business and the tips and tricks of blogging. I've been blogging since Jan. 2011 and the support is up and down. Which I can say is entirely my fault. I took a break from blogging and lost a generous amount of readers. They're just now coming back but its slow.

      We as black bloggers have to work twice as hard to get support in our community.

  2. Great Post!! I can totally relate to every key point driven! Thanks so much for the post and all the information in it!

    my blog -

    1. YAAY! Thank you so much I love that you loved it.

  3. Great post, I have been blogging for a year now and its not easy getting your name out there. Like you said social media helps alot.


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