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Three PERFECT Outfits For Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!! What in the WORLD are you going to wear? I put together three looks perfect for any situation. You will notice that I am in LOVE with black.

  1. A lot of you wont be able to go home for Thanksgiving so the first look is perfect for dinner with your friends. The goal is fab-comfort. Over eat if you want and bring a bag big enough to stash overnight-eries.
Thanksgiving with Friends

2. The second outfit is perfect for meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time. You don't want to come off high maintenance, yet at the same time you don't want to sacrifice your glam-i-tude.

Thanksgiving with Boyfriend's Parents

3. Look number three is where you pull out all the glammy stops! But not too glam where it out does Christmas and New Years. This look is for when you're invited to a dressed up Thanksgiving dinner, maybe with your boss and work colleges.
(pair this look with a large envelope clutch)

Thanksgiving Dressed Up Dinner

And that's it ladies. If you decide to try any of my creations PLEASE tag me in pictures on Instagram @TheFourFiveFour


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