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Press Event - The Third Annual Got Talent Hair Show

This weekend was one of my busiest ever! *note to self;get business cards printed NOW* This past Saturday I attended the "Got Talent Hair Show". If you are unaware of what this event is, it is one of the biggest hair shows in South Florida. If you are unaware of what a hair show is, it is where creative hairstylist let the their imagination run wild showcasing their talent. This was an amazing event from beginning to end. It was held at Revolution Live, Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. There were amazing sponsors including Bijoux Hair Company (which I have done a review on CLICK HERE)

(left PR Maven D.Marie Blanche; right Bijoux rep./photographer)
As soon as you stepped into the event the vendors' tables were right there.

The dress code for the event was casual, but of course the fashionistas and fashionistos had to show out.

The person responsible for the event J.P

Representing for Miami X Hair And Nail Bar

One of the judges & celebrity hair stylist Schacle

The performances were amazing and everyone went hard! My favorites for the night were 

Hair Assassins
Who were also the winners

London Hair Salon

Brandon, one of the judges and MC for Quite Cute Hair Salon's Fashion Show

J.Q Hair Works, Last year's winners

Karena Storm, she had a Janet Jackson/Ciara vibe and I LOVED every moment of it.

Styles by Z - No Limit To Beauty

Again it was an AMAZING show and I'm definitely looking forward to it again next year. JP is a fellow blogger and if you follow the link below her name it will direct you to it. This was our first time meeting each other after emailing each other back and forth since August. She seems like an amazing person and I wish her countless blessings.

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  1. This show was absolutely fantastic from top to bottom. @TheRealJPBlogThat really represented for young, beautiful business owners in the South Florida community. It was a pleasure working alongside cyberworlds favorite sweetheart "Kissyface" as she captured every essence and vibe in its shear perfection. The number one Blogger for the 3rd Annual "Got Talent" Hair Show definitely goes to you baby girl. I love the flow of your review, definitely made me wish I was there....well, that is, if I wasnt there, which I was. lol :) Mwahs! xo #YouknowWhoIBe


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