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L'Oreal Feria Wild Ombre on my Peruvian Hair

Last week I told you all that I was going to do a soft ombre on my hair using this kit. Well, last night I did just that. I am EXTREMELY happy with the results and I definitely recommend this product if you're a novice at coloring hair. I purchased the kit at my local Walmart Super Center for $10.94. I was a bit hesitant after seeing the price but I went ahead with it any way. In the box you'll get

  1. Directions 
  2. A pair of gloves
  3. Expert Comb/Brush
  4. Developer
  5. Bleaching Powder
  6. Color
The instructions are easy to follow and you're guaranteed to love your results. I went with the "Bold Look" over the "Subtle Look" because that's what I was going for. On a scale of one to ten I rate this product a ten! Below are pictures and a video of how I colored my hair.

Have you changed your hair for the season yet?

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