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Pofectiv Hair Care Line Review

I started out with the shampoo and conditioner 
(obviously). The shampoo made my scalp tingle. I could literally feel my pours opening up and drinking it all in. Following up with the conditioner, which I left on for ten minutes with a shower cap. My hair isn't COMPLETELY relaxed but more so tex-laxed and this conditioner definitely de-tangled all my little naps. 

I followed up with the deep conditioner. With two big scoops I saturated my hair from roots to ends and covered it all up with a shower cap for one hour. After the hour,and no combing through, my hair felt INCREDIBLY soft.

Now with my hair still wet (I squeezed out the excess water with my hands, no towel) I applied one scoop of the leave-in-conditioner from the ends of my hair to the roots. (concentrated mainly on the ends) I sectioned my hair into four and then blow dried.

 When my hair was completely dry I parted my hair into smaller sections and applied the "Root Health" to my scalp. My hair absolutely LOVES this product. It drinks it right up! I then massaged the product into my scalp.

After my scalp treatment I applied the moisturizer down the shafts of my hair focusing mainly between the roots and the ends.

I then finished off with the "Healthy Ends" only on the ends of my hair

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