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#Socialize August 4th - Bottle Giveaway!

As you all remember Socialize was SUPPOSED to be July 14th, but due to poor weather conditions got pushed to August 4th. Which is great for me since I wouldn't have been able to make it to the one in July.

Socialize is a "back yard barbecue" style event filled with music, dancing, food and liquor. The venue (I hear) is amazing! Everyone with the flyer posted below gets in FREE! To find out how and where to get an invite follow the Socialize promotion team on Instagram or Twitter  @LinkyIronHeart and @Dj_Stamina, Aunt I's Jamaican Restaurant or call 786-329-3323.

Socialize Promotion Giveaway!

Starting July 15th, Post as many #Socialize picture/flyer A DAY for a FREE premium bottle liquor of your choice till August 3rd. Must be at least 1 post per day!

-Grey Goose
-BelAire Rose Champagne

Rule #1
Post A Socialize flyer, picture of you with socialize on it etc. Socialize HAS to be in the picture!

Rule #2 You must hashtag #SocializePromo with August 4th and Address of the party.

**2 Winners will be chosen by the total amount of likes for every picture you post. So remember the more you post the better chance you have to win!


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