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Riri Woo VS Ruby Woo

Back in February I told you that Rihanna and MAC Cosmetics were in collaboration for "Riri Hearts Mac". On May 2nd, The lipstick "Riri Woo" went on sale online and the world went MAD! I wasn't able to sit at my computer and wait like everybody else but fortunately I have an awesome boyfriend who after 45min. successfully purchased my Riri Woo Lipstick!

It is an EXACT dupe of Ruby Woo with a few tweaks here and there. It's about a half shade redder than Ruby Woo. Its not as drying as Ruby Woo. Application is a whole lot smoother than Ruby Woo. But subtracting those factors you are pretty much buying the same lipstick twice.

Ruby Woo on the left & Riri Woo on the right

Top - Ruby Woo
Bottom - Riri Woo

If after all of this you still think you need the Riri Woo and and are willing to wait until June to get it, by all means go ahead. But you could always go to your MAC Store/Counter/Online and the Ruby Woo minus the wait time

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