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Press Event - "LOL Fridays" with #ModelsAndMogulsMediaGroup and @Studio1812 Photography

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying Studio 1812 Photography and Models And Moguls Media Group as press to a new Friday night event in South Florida. LOL Fridays. There were three comedians who graced the stage, and in my opinion it was in order of least funny to funniest. The host (Monte Benjamin) kept the crowd laughing before, after and in between comedians.
The first act (Stanley) was a total flop! His jokes took too long to hit the punchline and the best part was when he was getting off the stage. 
The second comedian (Ryan) was TOO FUNNY! I LOVED HIM SOOOO MUCH! LOL! He's the blackest white boy you'll ever come across. 
The headliner and final comedian (Sisquo) was mainly free-styling. He interacted with the audience and had no filter! 

Ladies drank free all night, and to get a little buzz, you probably WOULD have to drink all night. The drinks were weak and 3/4 ice. The food was amazing though! So I guess you get what you pay for. 

Al in all, it was a good night and a good turn out.   

Models And Moguls Media Group Models

The Host - Monte Benjamin

Fara Charles - Models And Moguls Media Group Model

Stanley - The first comedian

Ryan - The second comedian

Sisquo - The headliner


  1. Looks like a super fun night...you´re glowing!


  2. Love it! <3 Thanks so much! You are super awesome! #kissyface to di wurld!


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