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Holiday Fashion Trunk Show

This was my very first Fashion Trunk Show. I saw the invite on my Instagram feed from @FashionEnira and saw this as the perfect networking experience. When I first arrived it was exaxctly what I expected to see. Eager young entrepreneurs & socialites mingling amongst each other with the dj spinning in the back.
Fashion Enira aka Edel

Joel Franklin Co

The location was perfect, I'm a sucker for a loft, the food & drinks were complimentary and to top it all off a manicure with every purchase made. The lighting, curtains and photos on the wall made the room feel welcoming. The displays were eye catching, sellers were knowlagable of their products which is always a plus and everyone was dressed to perfection. 

Compliment Jewelry

Effortless Fashions

Skinny Minnie via Slim Chin aka Safiya

spiked egg nog 
The night ended pretty good with only drunken encounter and one Effortless Fashion Purchase. I'm so looking forward to more events like this. I'm not a "party girl", never been. This was just enough of a good night out to have me wanting to go out more.

What I wore

What I purchased


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