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The Bow Tie Revolution is Here!

From Chuck Bass in Monday's episode of gossip girl...

To Janelle Monae in, well, everything!

Bow Ties are really now a must have item. Dare I say next to the LBD! One designer has solved the age old question "which bow tie should I wear today?"
Okay so maybe I'm exaggerating.
Mike Mogul,owner & designer for Modern Day Mogul has brought another level of style/swag to the bow tie. I'm still waiting for him to release his OVER SIZED bow tie, but so far these are my favorites.

Her name is Francine and at $150 I would wear her EVERYWHERE! 

Now if you follow either me or Mike Mogul on instagram you would've seen where I commented on this saying I'd wear this with a bodycon LBD & a pair of CLB Spiked Alti Pumps or Spiked Pigalles. YESS hunnie! This is his newest bow tie & ultra exclusive! $75

This sexy feline is currently ON SALE and I'm sitting here writing this wondering "why haven't you copped that yet Lori?" $75 NOW $30

Are my top three for picks for NYE $50

Because leather is so hot for Fall/Autumn right now! $50

If animal print is ever the question Leopard Print is always the answer! $35

I have a thing for fur.. sue me. $50

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