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Keep the makeup on your face & off his shirt

I have never ever set my makeup & never thought about doing so until I found out that it keeps your "face" from moving o easily rubbing off! 
Now with that said I've been on the hunt for a setting powder for my face, one for my under eye & a setting spray. 
Shopping List
- I use Mary Kay foundation & concealer so for a setting powder I would use Mary Kay loose powder *I need to call my rep* $14
-For under eye Ben Nye Banana Powder *thanks to Kim K's makeup artiste its a MUST HAVE & pretty hard to find, online retailers are only allowed to sell a certain amount at a time $7+
A good dupe of the Ben Nye Banana Powder is Ruby Kisses Set & Forget HD Powder Banana $5.95
set your under eye powder with a powder puff!
-Setting Spray Urban Decay All Nighter *from the makers of SKINDINAVIA* $16+

Also if your foundation is water based, use a water based moisturizer & primer. Same for oil or silicone based foundations. Your foundation will last longer.

I made this post a while back and what I ended up getting was
1. Ben Nye Topaz Powder to set my foundation
2. Ben Nye Banana Powder to st my under eye concealer
3.ELF Setting Mist to complete everything.

Review: The Ben Nye Banana Powders gave my face a nice matte look! I use the topaz powder also over my tinted moisturizer when I'm going for that "No Makeup" look.
The ELF setting spray made my eyeshadow and blush POP! AND lasted all night.


  1. i agree. smeared makeup is the worst! haha. Ive been wanting to try the Ben Nye banana powder! ill look online. thanks! kisses from Las Vegas!!!!



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