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All I want For Christmas is....

Christmas is a little bit over a month away, so get your credit cards ready! This year I don't want much. Just a little sumn sumn ;) lol My Top 10...

The new iMac. I'm tired of laptops failing me, time to step up to the big guns! Especially since I've branched of oto YouTube now I need iMovie to make my work perfection!

I still have my third generation iPod that my dad got for me but in comparison to my iPhone 4s it seems sooo slooow now. PLUS its only like 8gb & the new ear pods are way comfier. 

How many time do I have to ask for this bag before I finally get it!?!?! 
well this time I want it in white! Lambskin not Caviar PLEASE! 

I know its after Labour Day but IDK why I'm loving/wanting white bags all of a sudden! Also, I'm not a monogram lover so this bag is just PERF. I'ts big enough to double as a diaper bag, Classic enough to wear ALL THE TIME, trendy enough to always turn heads :)

There's so much I want from this store it would just be easier to give me a gift card :)

At the end of the day, I'm really a simple girl who appreciates the simple things, like shopping for clothes ^_^

No back story for this, I just want my coffee table to look sexy and fashionable :)

Fashion has and always will be my 1st love & for as long as I've known myself I've always wanted to venture into the industry. I've been sketching since high school & just recently decided to pick it up again SERIOUSLY by creating pencil skirts. To me nothing is sexier & classier than a well made pencil skirt. I'll be able to create and display my work on this dress form with ease. 
(I already have a sewing machine thanks)

And what's the point of a dress form & sewing machine without fabric & thread?

I know I said I already have a sewing machine but its a cheapy Walmart one. And THIS? THIS is a 

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