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Jean Paul Gaultier's Amy Winehouse Tribute at Spring 2012 Paris Couture Fashion Week

Hard to believe it's already been six months since Amy Winehouse was found dead at the age of 27, from alcohol poisoning. It was pretty obvious from the word go that whatever became of the troubled star, she would leave two solid legacies behind her: her music and her style.

Walk up any high street, even now, and everywhere you'll see girls riffing on her style signatures: cropped, skinny jeans; ballet pumps; tiny shirts knotted at the waist; sexy pencil skirts, and scarves tied jauntily in their hair.

And so it was that yesterday (January 25th,2012) in Paris, Amy's memory was toasted in the most fashionable way imaginable, as the muse for Jean Paul Gaultier's spring/summer 2012 couture collection.

Gaultier sent a procession of beehive clad models teetering down the catwalk complete with heavy black winged eyeliner and Amy's trademark beauty spot above their lips.

Whether couture customers, who spend tens of thousands on each outfit, want to be seen in high society dressed like the tragic star was kind of a moot point. As a spectacle and a tribute, Gaultier did Amy proud.

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