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Who Is @KeyshiaDior?!?!?

First time I heard her name was from my boyfriend while he was on twitter. I was like "WHO THE FCUK IS KEYSHIA DIOR?!?!?" He told me that she was the chick in the Drake & Timbaland video who created a lipstick line. Of course I was still lost.

Her name came up again a couple night ago as we were watching the new Trina video for "REDD Bottoms". I decided to Google her and found out she's more than just some other "video hoe" on the up & up. She started in the industry over a year now & has SMARTLY used it as a stepping stone to network and create and market her brand Ka`oir Cosmetics. The quality of her lipsticks, I couldn't tell you, haven't tried them yet. The colors of her lipsticks, BRIGHT, VIBRANT, the FIRST thing you'd notice in a crowd. Not only does she have a strong business mind but she is absolutely gorgeous! One would confuse her for Rihanna at first glance.

I'd be lying if I said she was the first one I've ever seen do blue, green or purple lipstick. What I must say though is that she is the first one to do it so well. Definitely keeping an eye on this one, still trying to figure what color to order first though... 

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