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In the United States, the number of people affected by:

Chlamydia: 4 million
Trichomoniasis (“trich”): 3 million
Gonorrhea (“clap”): 1.1 million
Genital Warts (HPV): 750,000
Genital Herpes: 40 million, with as many as 500,000 new cases each year
Hepatitis B: 300,000
Syphilis: 120,000
HIV: 1 million, with as many as 45,000 new AIDS cases reported each year


“I Practice Safe Sex” is a nonprofit organization that was created to serve as a voice for STD’s. STD’s and Safe Sex is still a touchy topic in most communities, households and colleges, but especially in the social party scenes marriages and long term relationships. I Practice Safe Sex is here to provide knowledge on practicing safe sex no matter what situation you may be in and still enjoy the pleasure of sexual relations. Instead of giving long lectures of abstinence and why safe sex is important; we plan to ask one question “I Practice Safe Sex Do You?”

Most can say to practice abstinence, be faithful in your relationship/marriage or treasure you’re most valuable treasures. However, reality is during the most heated moments all the things you should or would do becomes unheard of. It’s time to stop preaching on what’s right and time to preach about “doing you safely.” To do this the campaign we will form partnerships with local Night Clubs, Social Venues, Adult Entertainment Venue Colleges and Community Events to pass out items that leads to protection.

“I Practice Safe Sex” is a campaign that is in direct response to the ones curious to take the next step, the massive number of people looking for fun or to be plain and simple looking for sex. The goal of the campaign is to make sure these people listen to their sub-conscious and wrap it up.

So whether it’s taking a snap shot, passing out condoms or t-shirts in the local Night Clubs, Social Venues, Colleges and Community Events will do nothing but send one simple message, “I Practice Safe Sex Do You?” 

Our Objective:

Commitment: “I Practice Safe Sex” wants to inspire individuals with a sense of freedom to speak freely about sex.
Responsibility: The focus of “I Practice Safe Sex” is to empower individuals with following their inner feeling of protecting themselves and others around them.
Possibility: “I Practice Safe Sex” wants to expand the perspective of people to make them aware of life’s possibilities of living with an STD or coping with one.
Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their surroundings. “I Practice Safe Sex” wants to surround individuals in a caring, inclusive learning environment that will understand.

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