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Do You Pee After Sex?

After a rousing night of sexual pleasure with my partner, laughing & fumbling around trying to put ourselves together the topic of peeing after sex came up. He told me that he ALWAYS pees no matter what after sex because it washes away whatever might go up there. In my head I'm thinking "through a condom? up where?" So I decided to do some research on "Peeing After Sex". Was I missing out on some untold health benefits?

Most research finds that peeing after sex may reduce the possibility of contracting a Urinary Tract Infection. Peeing after sex can prevent UTIs because “ it can help remove unwanted organisms from the urethra, which may reduce the risk of urethral infections.” 

While it’s not a guarantee, what do I really have to lose by running to the bathroom naked to clean out my urethra? And if it does that for bacteria, will it do the same for sperm?

 Sexetc.com explains: “The semen and penis go into the vagina and the urine comes out the urethra, which is a different opening. So, while urinating after sex might empty the bladder, it has no effect on where the sperm are inside the vagina.”

Don't let those little boys trick you girls, Std411.com says: “STDs cannot be flushed or washed away, so peeing and washing will not prevent a bacterial or viral STD and nor will they cause a STD to go away.” 
Seriously, if peeing could wash away STDs it wouldn't really be a big secret now would it?

Peeing to prevent UTIs = TRUTH.
Peeing to prevent you from being a mom with an STD = FALSE.

So even though it may not be the sexiest thing in the world, & yes it does cut into your love face & cuddle sessions, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS put on a condom first then pee right after!


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