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Over The Top Trends Made Easy!

Belts are a great way to accentuate your waistline. Jennifer Lawrence has taken the technique a step further by injecting a hit of orange to her midnight blue cocktail dress...

Feathers have always added a whimsical and ethnic accent to runway collections, but it can be a challenge bringing them into your look. Here are some tips to help perfect the illusion without looking like your sense of style has flown the coop. Less is always more. Garcelle Beavais' blue feather earrings complement her bright frock...

Similarly, Gwyneth Paltrow's simple and sexy black jumper proves that minimal accessories and a simple look leave feathered accents plenty of room to soar.

Capitalizing on a trend means avoiding overkill and picking your moments. Fringe was used appropriately in these next two looks because they are THE accent—not one of many. Kate Hudson's red bag adds drama to her otherwise plain clothes look...

Kourtney Kardashian's animal print satchel has a tassel that energizes her "mom about town" look, so she looks chic while spending time with her adorable son Mason. A fringe benefit if ever there was one.

Who hasn't loved two things and tried to put them together? OK, now who's done exactly that with two graphic prints and ended up looking faux-fab? It's okay we've all been there. Kerry Washington wins with her illusion because her floral and animal prints work together in terms of scale and size. Her floral print is large and in charge, but the animal repeat on her clutch is smaller and more dense. Combine the two and you're mixing and mingling with the best.

This trend's been buzzing for awhile, but season after season, neon still works best when it's unexpected. Cameron Diaz's neon-on-black stilettos are a sign of great taste because they complement her already sexy LBD...

Lastly, Fergie shows us that mixing different neons is a bright idea—as long as your overall look is neutral or basic.

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