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Celia Weise for Ms.Teen World Jamaica!

Celia Toni Grace Weise, born October 23rd, 1992 is one of the contestants for Miss Teen World Jamaica. Already with pageant experience, placing fourth in Miss Teen Jamaica 2009 (not related to Miss Teen "World" Jamaica pageant), is a shoe in for the crown! *in my opinion, & my opinion is all that matters!* 
She proudly wears the sash for Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica.

Loves to listen to music and has an appreciation to all that is related to life or is inspired by it. Loves to read. Among her favorite authors are Dan Brown, J. K. Rowling, John Grisham, Judith McNaught and Nora Roberts. And yes, even though this sounds like your typical pageant girl biography, this is who she truly is. Having known her for pretty much ALL MY LIFE, Celia has not changed one bit. Has always had the strongest mindset and kindest heart.

Follow her on twitter: @Celie_Baybee
Follow her on tumblr: glitter-dreams-and-beautyqueens

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