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The People Who Inspire Me

Carrie Bradshaw - Though fictional, Carrie Bradshaw is the MAIN inspiration for my blogs. Smart & Fashionable. If I'm not anything in the world let me be these two things.

  • New York Newspaper Columnist
  • Fashionista
  • Freelance Writer - VOUGE

Kimora Lee Simmons - Mommy & a mogul. Kimora is the inspiration for my everyday life. To be nothing but a Fabulous Mommy. #MommyFabulous

Kim Kardashian - The work-a-holic bombshell. Since high school she's been business minded & despite whatever adversities she's managed to pull through it and capitalize on it. 

There are WAY MORE things Kimora Lee Simmons & Kim Kardashian are doing. I am INSPIRED!

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