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Now Playing - Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

This song has been out for a while now and its ok. Not really feeling her voice but the lyrics & music are cool. The first time I heard it I said to myself "this video is gonna be SEXY! Britney style". What a SHOCKER TO ME, the whole video looked like a commercial. There were product placements not only for her millionth perfume fragrance but also for Sony & whoever else. To me, it was in no way sexy. Her dance moves were static & not the Britney I love :[ I will give her points for creativity though. Not what I was expecting to see, so in a sense the "WOW FACTOR" is there. Props to the creative directors, everything was on point VISUALLY. Other than that, the lyrics didn't really fit. And what was up with that fight scene? SMH. All in all it was an ok video, just not for that song. Or for Britney Spears. 

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