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My Sweet Valentine!

I'm the type of person who thinks Valentine's Day is just a way to con people into spending EXTRA money on dumb gifts. Love should be shown to each other 365! not just this one day out of the year. And then it hit me that I've been looking at it from the wrong angle. Yes you SHOULD show love 365 but Valentine's Day is the day you show it EVEN MORE.... I guess *shrugs* lol ok here are some ideas on what you can do for your sweet heart.

The quickest way to warm the heart is through the stomach. So why not start with breakfast in bed. Simple, sweet, cliche, over done but still the sweetest thing you can do to start the day.

In these stressing times, nothing is better than a couples massage. Book someone to come to your home or go all out & go to a spa or hotel.

If you're the frugal type, no worries, run your lover a bath with essential oils, rose petals & TONS OF BUBBLES! lol join them with a glass of wine, soft music & pleasant conversation..... or not ;)

The perfect gift: for her
                        for him
Wanna know what the perfect gift for me is?

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