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My Naughty Valentine!

Two weeks until V-Day kiddies! Still don't know what to do? I'm here to help! LOL Lets start simple.
NOTHING screams I love you like a sexy strip tease/lap dance.
Get those 18" extensions, those hooker heels you always see n the back of the shoe store & a sexy little outfit with a good amount of layers.
Set the mood (the lights, the music)
Have a drink before you start to loosen you up. White wine or vodka always does it for me!

Now if that's child's play for you, try stepping outside your bedroom,in your bedroom.(get it?) Do something you wouldn't "NORMALLY" do. Or something you've talked about doing but never gotten around to.
Bust out the leather, lace, whips, handcuffs, edible undies, duct tape, anal beads, nipple clamps, etc.

If you're anything like me & firmly believe that "sharing is caring" get your partner a "Strip - O - Gram" or plan a "Passion Party". I don't think I need to expound on these right?

Trying to find the perfect gift? Here you are lovies: for her
                                                                            for him
                                                                            for couples
                                                                            sex kits
                                                                            high end gifts

Wanna know what I'm gonna do for Valentine's Day?
I'll be wearing this all day! 

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